Here's a collection of all of Russell Brooks's media appearances and photographs. If you're an agent or a journalist, then the most important place to learn everything about Russell Brooks with regards to his writing, would be to click the electronic Media Kit below. Inside the kit, you'll learn everything about Russell's previous novels, get a chance to listen to all of his radio interviews, read a newspaper interview, and even find a link to when he appeared on Mornin' Barbados. One particular highlight of Brooks's career was having his fourth novel, The Demeter Code, endorsed by NYT Bestselling Author, Eric Jerome Dickie.

In the event that you don't like Media Kits, then some of its content is displayed below. If you look among the photographs, you'll even see Russell Brooks crossing the finish line of the 100 meters in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, back when he represented Canada at the World University Games in 1999.

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It was a huge honour to have NYT Bestselling Author, Eric Jerome Dickie, endorse The Demeter Code.
Mornin' Barbados Appearance
Appearance in Montreal's Community Contact.
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Even though Russell Brooks is independently published, he still works with his own publishing team.
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