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The teaser chapters to the upcoming Eddie Barrow suspense thriller are available to those who subscribe to the newsletter. My Christmas gift to you.

Christmas gift-giving season is here. Last night I was thrilled to receive my manuscript from my editor. I know that this was the biggest project I ever gave her to work on, and I was anxious that more delays would force me to postpone the release date of Jam Run another few weeks or months. Fortunately, so far, it appears that everything remains on schedule.

The original release date for Jam Run was November 20, 2022. However, there were too many setbacks to allow that to happen. The positive side was that it gave my editor, Lisa, more time to revise everything. As of now, the novel is over 157000 words—making it my biggest book yet.

“Why such a long book?”

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“Why such a long book?” some of you may ask. The answer is simple. There’s a vast story to tell. This is not only the story of Eddie Barrow and Corey Stephenson being roped into solving a murder. There are other characters whose stories are also revealed. These individual stories comprise the various subplots that connect to and drive the story’s main plot.

You won’t read all these subplots in the teaser chapters, but there’s more than enough to give you an idea of the premise, where the story may go (or not), and to keep you guessing what’s to come.

After the amount of research I did for The Demeter Code, I expected Jam Run to be a cakewalk like the first Eddie Barrow thriller, Chill Run. I was mistaken. Writing a murder mystery as complex as this required researching the police and legal procedures of Jamaica, consulting with locals on the country’s geography, the local expressions and Jamaican Patois, the politics, and also the events that inspired the plot of the story.

While working on The Demeter Code, I read about the events that inspired Jam Run. One of those events was so shocking it kept me up late at night. For me, Jam Run was a story that needed to be told.

What is Jam Run About?

If this is the first time you’re reading my blog and have not yet read the synopsis on the homepage of my website, I have another Christmas gift for you. You can read a more detailed summary of Jam Run below:

Thriller author Eddie Barrow can never catch a break. When he and his friend Corey Stephenson visit Montego Bay for a book signing, he witnesses a savage murder on his first night. When the victim’s teenage sister attends Barrow’s event the next day, she begs him to track down the killers. Even though he makes it clear that he’s not a detective, he’s reluctant to refuse.

After surviving an attack, Barrow and Stephenson learn that the victim’s death may have dangerous ties to foreign corporate machinations and a series of horrific sex crimes. Their discovery puts them on the run, as they find themselves thrown into the crosshairs of a criminal network so ruthless they won’t hesitate to leave a trail of corpses to keep their secrets buried. Their only hope of escaping is to solve the murder themselves…if they survive long enough.

What more needs to be done?

Originally I had planned to visit Montego Bay to research the areas where Jam Run takes place. It’s okay to go online and explore the characteristics and history of a country one has not visited. However, one cannot get the whole experience from reading news articles and watching online videos.

Unfortunately, the pandemic interfered with my travel plans. The most I could do was collaborate with my friend, Norris Douglas, aka Chuck Norris, the CEO of a Montego Bay tourism company called Real Tours Jamaica. For roughly four months, we’d spend an hour on Saturdays or Sundays working together via Zoom.

However, since the pandemic restrictions have been lifted, I’m going to Montego Bay in January 2023. I’ll finally get the Jamaican experience allowing me to research and perfect Jam Run. It’ll also give me a break from the winter weather. Once those modifications are done, I’ll resubmit the manuscript to my editor for a final read-through.

A little over a month before the release date, I’ll spend most of my time promoting Jam Run.

When will Jam Run be released?

As of now, Jam Run will be released on March 31, 2023. It’s been a rough road with many setbacks. But, if everything is smooth, you’ll have your chance to read more beyond the teaser chapters I shared. The good news is that it will be a spring release, which means less chance of my launch party being cancelled due to a snowstorm. However, if you live in Montreal, you know that freak snowstorms can happen at the end of March or even in April.

Do you have other Christmas Gifts to offer?

I wish I could offer another last minute Christmas gift, Christmas gift boxes full of books, or anything similar. Perhaps when I become as big an author as Stephen King or John Grisham, I could afford to give away copies of my books ever so often. However, it’s not too late to offer eBook copies of my books as a Christmas gift for everyone on your list who loves suspense thrillers with conspiracies, martial arts, sex, betrayal, and revenge.

However, by subscribing to my newsletter, you’ll be the first to learn about any promotions or gifts I offer.

How do I subscribe to the newsletter and get my teaser chapters?

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When you’re done, please email me at russell@russellparkway.com. I’d love to know your thoughts. Happy reading, and enjoy your Christmas gift.

Russell Brooks is the author of four suspense thrillers. His fifth, Jam Run, will be available on March 31, 2023.

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