Dog and Bitch Island by Robert Blake Whitehill. A No-Nonsense Character-Driven Mystery.

Dog and Bitch Island by Robert Black Whitehill

One can read many books about the SEALs, aircraft, and boats. However one can identify a genuine author based on their attention to detail that either comes from personal knowledge of the subject matter they write about or that they’ve done extensive research, something that Whitehill has mastered. This was my first impression of Dog and Bitch Island by Robert Blake Whitehill. It’s the first book I’ve read from this author featuring former SEAL, Ben Blackshaw. Although some of the subject matter is political, Blake makes good use of secondary characters, such as Ben’s wife, LuAnne—a woman who tends to get herself into and out of sticky situations—help to bring out the amateur sleuth aspect of the story. The dialogue exchanges between Blackshaw, LuAnne, and some of the other characters were sharp, on point, and at times humorous. Of course, no story dealing with Black-Ops would be complete without a few nasty villains, shootouts, and locales that take place around the world—namely being the USA, Bermuda, and in Europe for this story. Those who enjoy a good action mystery will enjoy this story. After having enjoyed this novel, I—as with most readers who are new to this series—will check out the other books in the series.

I received an advance review copy of this novel.

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