Judgement, by Joseph Finder

Joseph Finder Judgement

Joseph Finder Writes Another Edge-Of-Your-Seat Suspense That Will Keep You Up All Night!

A Superior Court Judge who has a one-night stand. What else could possibly go wrong? For Judge Juliana Brody, everything. It turns out that her fling while visiting Chicago for a conference was not a random encounter.

Brody was set up by powerful forces in order to pressure her into ruling in favour of a defendant who was accused of sexual harassment. The ultimatum was simple: Dismiss the case or else they’ll release video footage of her sexual encounter, destroy her career and her marriage. When odds such as these are stacked against an individual, it’s easy to be drawn into this story, as the reader will be curious to know how Juliana could possibly get out of this mess.

There were intricate subplots, several questions raised with well-written chapters with cliffhanger endings that made this a suspenseful and enjoyable real page-turner.

Whenever I read a Joseph Finder novel, not only do I know that I will be entertained, there is always something new for me to learn which will help me grow as a thriller author. I only wish that I had access to the numerous contacts such as police officers, lawyers, judges, government operatives, and other professionals that he does who can help me with my research. Perhaps someday.

Kudos to Joseph Finder for doing extensive research in order to write such a realistic novel.


Russell Brooks is the author of four adventure thrillers.

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