The Demeter Code by Russell Brooks


Blamed for a failed op and for the death of his top asset, unruly CIA operative, Ridley Fox, must coerce his more compliant partner, Nita Parris, to defy orders and assist him when he alone believes that an attack on American soil is imminent.

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The Demeter Code

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Crack the code, and you’ll save millions of lives. But knowing it exists will get you killed.

“The Demeter Code by Russell Brooks is a lightning-paced thriller shining light into the shadowy world of corporate and international espionage.—Robert Blake Whitehill, Author/Screenwriter of The Ben Blackshaw Series

“Whew! This intriguing bio-terrorism thriller becomes horrifying, just because of the premise upon which the story is based.” –Glenda Bixler, Book Reviewer.

When two American embassies in northern Africa are bombed, CIA operatives Ridley Fox and Nita Parris are assigned to track down the perpetrators. However, when their top asset is killed in a failed op, the agents suspect that there may be a new threat. Their search for the truth puts them on a collision course with a powerful multinational—which will go to extreme lengths to bury its criminal activities. However, the agents soon learn that someone with a personal vendetta against that company not only knows their secrets but will expose them in a way that could result in the largest single-day attack against America.

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“The Demeter Code is filled with action, murder, suspense, espionage, and all those things that most men seem to love in a book but it’s so well written that I recommend it to all readers.” -Martha A.Cheves, Amazon Vine Voice

“Whew! This intriguing bio-terrorism thriller becomes horrifying, just because of the premise upon which the story is based.” –Glenda Bixler, Book Reviewer.

“If you enjoy action-packed suspense and provocative characters, you will enjoy The Demeter Code. This would be a great book for your library, and the character team of Ridley Fox and Doctor Nita Parris seem to be one that will come back again and again. There is a great deal of excitement and likability about them that will keep you looking for more.”-TicToc Reviews

“The Demeter Code is a long novel, balancing complex and detailed explanation with fast and furious action.” -Sheila Deeth, Amazon Vice Voice


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