Thrilled to be on The Morning Detour with Wizzy Moonchaser and Shaharah Sinclair, 11/18/2022

The Morning Detour, Wizzy Moonchaser, Shaharah Sinclair

I was invited to The Morning Detour Morning Show to talk about Ridley Fox, Dr. Nita Parris, and Eddie Barrow.

The Morning Detour, Wizzy Moonchaser, Shaharah Sinclair, ckutmtl, fm90 3, mcgill campus radio

Friday morning was a bit of a treat for me as it was the first time I was invited to join Wizzy Moonchaser and guest host, professional singer Shaharah Sinclair, on The Morning Detour radio show, CKUT 90.3 FM. It was a treat because Shaharah and I went to the same high school. This was the first time in years that we saw each other.

It was great to be recognized by a station that is part of the Montreal independent radio community, which isn’t controlled by the same people who own publishing houses. Since this is a Hip-Hop-themed radio show, it was also an excellent opportunity for me to help gain more exposure to Montreal’s Black community.

While I love doing radio interviews, one of my biggest pet peeves while discussing my books is that my biggest fear is revealing spoilers. You’ll notice that I’m not as relaxed when I speak during the interview compared to when I have a regular conversation. The reason is while I’m speaking, I’m simultaneously assessing my next words to ensure that I don’t reveal a plot spoiler. It’s awkward, and you’ll notice that once Wizzy Moonchaser spoke above me, I lost my train of thought and repeated something I mentioned earlier. I only noticed this when I played back the video.

Aside from that, I enjoyed talking about Ridley Fox, Dr. Nita Parris, and Eddie Barrow. I posted the video below for your convenience. I join in on the conversation around the 1:30 mark.

Russell Brooks is the author of four suspense thrillers. Jam Run will be released in the first quarter of 2023.

CKUT 90.3 FM is a part of McGill Campus Radio. The Morning Detour is on every Friday from 7 to 9 AM.

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