USA Not Alone in Electing Bigots. Trumpism Spreads to Quebec.

Me Tamara Thermitus

Me Tamara Thermitus’s nomination to head the Quebec Human Rights Commission has been blocked by separatist Parti Quebecois (PQ) MNAs. Had she been elected, Me Thermitus would’ve been Quebec’s first Black President of the Commission. What was the excuse for the PQ to block her nomination? Apparently she’s too “Pro-Multiculturalist,” according to one source.

Never mind that she successfully brought to light discriminatory practices that occured within the Quebec Bar Association. Never mind that she’s earned the Merit of the Quebec Bar for all the work she’s done to fight discrimination and inequality. Never mind that most of her career has been focused on ending discriminatory practices in Quebec–including being assigned by Ottawa to investigate the living conditions of Native Canadians in Sept-Iles. Never mind that countless times she’s brought to everyone’s attention the discriminatory practices that occurred within Quebec’s Justicial System. The only thing that matters to some prejudicial MNAs is that she believes in protecting the rights of ALL cultures and not only of White “Purelaine” Quebecers?

With this kind of resume, Me Thermitus is precisely the person this province needs to preside over the HRC. What ought to be disturbing to everyone is that a group of bigots were allowed to elect someone to preside over a commission whose mission is to fight discrimination.

The Parti Quebecois has sunk to a new low.

UPDATE 6:04PM 12/08/2016  Following the wave of bad publicity which went viral on and offline, the PQ has backtracked and decided to throw their support behind Me Tamara Thermitus. The article can be found HERE.

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